Donors & Partners

Protecting vulnerable young people is a collective effort in which RET is a catalyst between local actors and the international community. We therefore value deeply the strong relationships we have with donors, partners and the networks which bring us together.

DonorsWe could never do this without you. Thank you so much!

RET International benefits from the generous support of three different categories of actors of which you will find the detailed lists below:

  2. 2) INSTITUTIONAL DONORS such as United Nations organisations and agencies
  3. 3) THE PRIVATE SECTOR, may they be individuals, corporations or private organisations such as foundations and charities

NetworksWhere Relationships Are Built, Coordination Takes Place and Ideas Are Shared

Humanitarian crises are, by their very nature, extremely complex to solve. A vast array of actors have to work together in limited time-frames to achieve efficient and effective results. Affected communities, local associations, local authorities, national governments, NGOs, donors, United Nations and multilateral agencies all have to come to minimal agreements on causes, effects, priorities, methods, resources and more.

Failure to do so will inevitably produce, inefficiency, overlapping, tensions and could even make situations worse. Coordination is therefore a core aspect of humanitarian interventions. Below you will find the networks RET joined to be part of this collaborative process and dialogue.

PartnersFormal Partnerships with the World's Main Coordination Agencies

Throughout the years RET International has worked both in the field and in the capitals with the most important agencies of the humanitarian and development fields. Some of these collaborations have with time taken a more formal nature through memorandums of understandings (MoUs) or a special consultative status.