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By no means am I suggesting you force yourself on a woman. I would never condone such hideous behavior. All I am suggesting is that you take the assertive role every once in a while. The game started off pretty fast paced and I got excited for the first few minutes, but then I noticed that it was not pleasing to me in a basketball skills type of fashion. Don’t get me wrong a few players impressed me quite a bit and I even got quite excited for an alley oop, but that was it skills wise. The other portion of the game was the comedy portion which I found to be quite funny! Kevin Hart stole the show with his hilarious antics and towards the end of the game got ejected for arguing a foul call which looked like he got all ball to me, and just when you though the he was done at the end of the game he ended up being the MVP which was tallied on the fans voting by text.

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