June 2013 - Non classé

So i didn’t say any word after that

canada goose outlet https://www.canadagoosessale.org/ cheap canada goose Last wednesday (1 week ago) i said him on bbm hi and he replied hey and asked how is he and he was normal and u? i said im okay and he said good. So i didn’t say any word after that. After 2 hrs i put a picture for me on whatsapp and BBM, so he said please remove me from here sorry for disturbing and block me on whatsapp if u care about not hurting me anymore. So i didn’t reply to him and after a short time he said thanks for being disrespectful so i didn’t reply to him and at 2 am he sent me on BBM ” Hope when i wake up in the morning u will do the favor i asked you to and not putting more disrespectful behavior and the hurt you’re doing to me. Wish u the best but don’t go to your past with such immature pictures and bad ones it doesn’t go for you from an old friend and i prefer there won’t be a HI between us cz you treated your ex’s better than me and respected them but u didn’t respect me knowing one took you to his home from the first day and the other one cheated on you, that’s called not respecting, you left me i didn’t say a word, you hurt me and i didn’t do anything, i m not like your ex’s but you all girls are the same there’s no difference. If you’re not gonna do the favour so i do it in the morning but please tell me that you won’t do because you really did hurt me and i didn’t expect that from you to go back to your past.

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Updated, June 15th, 2013