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You just hope it isn’t on your patch

They just keep on going until they stop in amazing black boots.Solange Knowles : (Beyonce’s sister) is pioneering the tribal look which is really on trend this season. LOVE.Kate Bosworth : She always seems to get it right and her casual, colourful knit, with denim mini and Ray Ban’s, is perfect for Spring.Ashley Tisdale : Ashley’s showing us that with the right shoes and accessories, a LBD can be the sexiest thing a girl owns.Jameela Jamil : We discussed denim a week or so ago but never considered dungarees. Yep, we like it.

Replica Hermes Handbags Replica Hermes Replica Hermes Replica Hermes Bags HomeNewsPoliticsRoad to Wigan Pier 2017Health visitor cuts put kids at risk I’m terrified there’ll be another Baby P: My Wigan Pier StoryAs part of our Road to Wigan Pier 2017 project, 80 years on from the publication of George Orwell’s essay, health visitor Su Lowe tells us why cuts are putting children at riskGet politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailHealth visitor Su Lowe, 46, from Staffs, has watched helplessly as services have been cut. She tells Claire Donnelly the reduced service is putting lives in the region at risk.As health visitors we provide help and support to some of the country’s most vulnerable people, but bit by bit our service is being dismantled.Cuts to funding are making it harder and harder for us to do our jobs in the way we would like and to guarantee the universal service we want to deliver.We’re not as sexy as doctors in A and we have sometimes been overlooked so now we need to fight to be heard.We’re an invisible service in some ways but we want people to think about the what if, ‘what if my health visitor hadn’t been there?’Road to Wigan Pier 2017: Recreating George Orwell’s journey 80 years on and mapping modern BritainEverybody just presumes we’ll always be here but the latest cuts means that just isn’t the case.The scope of what we do is really wide ranging.We don’t just weigh babies, we work in really important areas like Child Protection too so cutting back is immediately putting children at risk.Orwell’s Britain vs today’s Britain: Explore the Road to Wigan Pier with our interactive gadgetSadly, it feels more and more like it’s only a matter of time before we get another Baby P case.As a health visitor, every time you hear about something awful like that happening on the radio, your heart is in your mouth.You just hope it isn’t on your patch. And that isn’t how it should be.The Road to Wigan Pier 2017: What is it and how can you get involved?As well as looking after families, we deal with minor ailments and mental health.We do referrals to foodbanks, including for child essentials like nappies and we can help people with housing issues too something more and more families are struggling with.In Stoke we are working with people living in and dealing with entrenched poverty, in Staffordshire the issue is often about isolation and access to services. Replica Hermes Bags

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Updated, June 5th, 2013