75 students Successfully Finish the School Year (Afghanistan)

Parwan (Afghanistan) – May 1st, 2012 – On the first of May, the Women’s Community Learning Centre in Charikar (Parwan Province – Afghanistan) celebrated its annual Graduation Ceremony. During the event, 75 students who successfully finished the programme were awarded with officially accredited certificates. The Centre in Charikar allows out-of-normal-school-age women to finish primary school in order to continue their studies at secondary school level or enter the workforce. Since 2009, 240 young women have been able to attend the Centre and prepare their future thanks to the financial support of Liechtenstein MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

This year’s Graduation Ceremony was attended by government representatives, security officials, students’ parents, community members, elders of the shura and the RET staff, showing the great support of the community for the Centre. Among the guests were a delegation from the Governor’s Office in Parwan headed by the Deputy Governor Mr. Judge Shah Wali; a delegation from the Parwan Department of Education headed by Deputy Director Mr. Nizamudin; the spokesman of the Provincial Development Council Mr. Siadkheli as well as the Director of the provincial Justice Department, Mr. Omar Omarzada, amongst others.




All the guests gave a speech to congratulate the students. Mr. Judge Shah Wali, who spoke on behalf of the Governor, offered his warmest regards to the RET staff. He also thanked the Liechtenstein government and kindly requested the RET to continue with the successful programme. Mr. Judge Shah Wali seized the opportunity to express his gratitude to the whole international community for “supporting Afghan women to build a brighter future”.


Mr. Nizamudin, Deputy Director of the Department of Education in Parwan, highlighted the importance of the Centre: “We are very grateful and proud that today, our sisters, who had been years away from learning, received an opportunity to study. This center is filling a great gap in the community, accomplishing what the Ministry of Education is unable to do so far. I heartily congratulate everyone for this success”. For his part, Mr. Omar Omarzada, Director of the Department of Justice, encouraged the students to continue with their education against all odds: “My dear sisters, it is never too late to study, never consider you too old to study, your talent, struggle and success is really admirable!”


Mr. Mir Bahawudin Ansari, Administrator of Parwan Technical School and father of one of the students, highlighted in his speech the quality of the education in the Centre, meaning that the students enrolled in the Centre know often more than students at higher levels in other schools. Finally, the headmaster of the Centre closed the round by thanking the RET and its staff “for lighting the lives of many women who were spending a miserable life, with no hope for the future, and who were away from the light of knowledge. It is a great success and it is with pride to announce today the success of a large number of our students, which is the result of their dedication and eagerness to learn”.


At the end of the Ceremony, snacks were served to the students and present guests to celebrate this special occasion and the successful achievement of the learners, which lays the foundation for their future.