Antioquia, Colombia – RET’s Programme to Eliminate Child Labour




Government of Antioquia, March 15th 2010.


Zeynep Gündüz, global head of RET, was greeted this morning by the Manager of Childhood and Adolescence and the Secretaries of Education and Mines, with whom she positively evaluated the program that seeks this effect in Bajo Cauca. The official said one of the programs they are interested in investing new resources in is tutorial education through the Internet for this population.


The global head of the Foundation for Refugee Education, RET, Zeynep Gündüz, announced that the organisation is prepared to provide new resources to strengthen programs being developed in the Department in cooperation with the Government of Antioquia, including the prevention and eradication of child labor in Bajo Cauca and expressed interest in supporting programs of tutorial education through the Internet with this population.




After a meeting this morning with the Manager of Childhood and Adolescence, Monica Maria Alvarez Jaramillo, Minister of Education, Humberto Diez Villa, Secretary of Mines, Nicolas Lopez and Youth Adviser, Diana Patricia Salazar, the director of worldwide RET expressed satisfaction with the progress of the program in Bajo Cauca, where it invests around COP2,000m (US$1m) in 4 municipalities , in educational programs aimed at preventing and eliminating child labor in mines.


The regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, RET, Remi Mannaert, said that, indeed the decision of the organisation is to reach all municipalities in Bajo Cauca, for which coverage of the program will extend to 6 . Today he is in El Bagre, Zaragoza, Tazara and Caceres, And Nechí and Caucasia will be included.


The manager of Childhood and Adolescence, Monica Maria Alvarez Jaramillo said the departmental government is pleased with the willingness expressed by the director of RET to continue to supporting this educational work and stated that they have considered the development of an education program using the tools of the Internet for the same population, through a foreign university and the department. In this sense, the education secretary, Humberto Villa, said he soon will begin developing a similar program with a broader objective in terms of population they want to reach, with the Universidad de Antioquia. On his part, Secretary of Mines, Nicolas Lopez, said that given the success of this program it will serve as a pilot to take to other regions not only the Department but in the country.