An Unpredictable, yet Reliable Path to Development

This summer, on August 22, the Burundian NGO YouthGlobe organised a Youth Forum with the support of RET International in Bujumbura, Burundi. This event was of interest in its own right; it was successful and inspiring. But even more interesting, perhaps, is how it illustrated the fascinating paths education initiatives can take. The actors whoContinue reading “An Unpredictable, yet Reliable Path to Development”

Trauma Dolls – Reconciliation Through Therapeutic Self-Expression

A new practice implemented by RET International in Mardin, Türkiye, is aimed at relieving trauma, while stimulating personal expression. In the room, we can hear the voices of the violence, the fear and the pain in every sound. The dolls are on the wall, hung from the ceiling with ropes, tied to a ladder, placedContinue reading “Trauma Dolls – Reconciliation Through Therapeutic Self-Expression”

A Beautiful Land of High Mountains, Deep History and Contemporary Lessons for Humanitarians

Article by Dominique Bénard: Psychologist, vocational guidance adviser and trusted Consultant for RET International. In February 2013, for the first time, I flew over the mountains of the Hindu Kush in a small Cessna. This was the only way to reach Fayzabad, at the northeastern tip of Afghanistan. The landscapes under the wings of theContinue reading “A Beautiful Land of High Mountains, Deep History and Contemporary Lessons for Humanitarians”

Education and Resilience: A Path to Sustainable Humanitarian Action

Last May the first ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) was held in Istanbul, Turkey. In this article, we go back to RET International’s participation in the event as the importance of education in humanitarian action should be regularly repeated and not only mentioned during large events. To confront challenges such as forced displacement, guaranteeing theContinue reading “Education and Resilience: A Path to Sustainable Humanitarian Action”

When Social Cohesion Goes Green

On June 6th, in Southeastern Türkiye, a group of 12 young RET beneficiaries from the town of Viran?ehir implemented a social cohesion project in our Safe Spaces for girls in Süleymaniye and Büyükyol. The project raised awareness on environmental issues and recycling, while also providing common purpose and action, which in turn strengthens social cohesion.Continue reading “When Social Cohesion Goes Green”

Celebrating Children, Having Fun and Working with Communities

At RET International we have been working in Southeastern Türkiye for over two years, with a strong focus on the needs of youth, women and girls made vulnerable by the Syrian Crisis. Given this involvement, which has by now grown into sincere attachment to the local communities, our team was highly motivated to celebrate Children’sContinue reading “Celebrating Children, Having Fun and Working with Communities”

Skills, Tools & Markets: Making Income-generating Projects Work

According to UNHCR, almost 350’000 refugees live in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya, many of whom have been there for decades. Approximately 95% of the refugees have come from Somalia, while the remaining 5% originate from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania or Yemen. Given the Government of Kenya’s encampmentContinue reading “Skills, Tools & Markets: Making Income-generating Projects Work”

60 Million Reasons

Dear Friends of RET, Having just gone through one of the most intense years in my humanitarian career, I wish to introduce this first newsletter of 2016 with a number that has made a profound impression: 60 million. This is the estimated number of persons forcibly displaced due to conflicts, persecutions and disasters at theContinue reading “60 Million Reasons”

Resilience and Empowerment through Education In Eastern Chad

Since 2003, the conflict in Darfur has been a major source of instability for Chad and the region. This conflict resulted in the displacement of thousands of Sudanese and Central Africans to Chad. Most of these populations have found refuge in camps. For over a decade, RET has been involved in the refugee camps locatedContinue reading “Resilience and Empowerment through Education In Eastern Chad”

Bridging the Gaps through Language Training in Türkiye

RET International has been active in Türkiye since early 2013, where we have been concentrating on two main courses of action: Turkish language training for Syrian children and youth and the empowerment of vulnerable young women. Protection is the overarching goal of our projects and it is done through educational approaches, which provide adolescents, youthContinue reading “Bridging the Gaps through Language Training in Türkiye”

The Impact of a Comprehensive Approach

More than 3,500 families and 24,000 adolescents and youth have participated in RET International’s programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean. 2015 marks 10 years of uninterrupted work in the region, with sustained growth. This work has created an important protection process for vulnerable young people affected by displacement, various forms of violence, armed conflictsContinue reading “The Impact of a Comprehensive Approach”

Young People Have a Say in Latin America and the Caribbean

Many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have seen periods of heightened violence generated by gangs and the drug trade in urban centres. Instability has also been fuelled by armed conflict, especially in Colombia and its neighbouring countries. This has caused forced displacement and disrupted countless lives, creating pockets of enduring crises in certainContinue reading “Young People Have a Say in Latin America and the Caribbean”

A Place for Optimism

This week was filled with excitement for RET International’s team in Turkey as a high-level delegation from the European Union and dignitaries from the Turkish Government visited the “My Life” Women’s Centre designed and created by RET, as an implementing partner of UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) in Süleymaniye. The delegation, which visited theContinue reading “A Place for Optimism”

The Government’s Vice-Minister meets with RET International’s CEO

*This article was originally published by Luis Ruiz, in the Government of Panama’s website. The original article, in Spanish, can be found at the following link: Panama, November 27, 2015. The Government’s Vice-Minister, María Luisa Romero, met with RET International’s CEO and Executive Director, Zeynep Günduz, who visited Panama in order to follow-up onContinue reading “The Government’s Vice-Minister meets with RET International’s CEO”

The Change Begins with Us

As part of RET International’s effort to protect vulnerable youth in situations of conflict, a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) programme was launched in 2012 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Through an encompassing approach including prevention, demobilization, rehabilitation, informal education, educational/vocational reintegration and support to community development, many ex-combatant adolescents have found theContinue reading “The Change Begins with Us”

Our Thoughts on Protecting Young Afghan Women

In 2007, many Afghan refugees who had fled to Pakistan, the majority since 2001, and some from prior waves of migration related to the Taliban rule, and earlier, the Soviet invasion, began to return as a consequence of repatriation programmes. However, once back in Afghanistan, many young returnees found themselves excluded from the educational systemContinue reading “Our Thoughts on Protecting Young Afghan Women”

Refugee Families Defending the Right to Education

One of the main challenges for Colombian families who are asylum seekers or refugees in Ecuador is succeeding in having their youth enter the Ecuadorian education system. In many instances this integration faces numerous hurdles, even though education is a universal right, guaranteed by the Ecuadorian constitution. In order to facilitate this access to education,Continue reading “Refugee Families Defending the Right to Education”

Internet Entrepreneurs in Dadaab Refugee Camps

To date, dozens of young people in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya have benefited from RET’s digital work programme. This innovative approach has helped young refugees become self-reliant, by giving them the tools to work online.   When the concept of digital entrepreneurship was introduced to these youth, the whole idea of online incomeContinue reading “Internet Entrepreneurs in Dadaab Refugee Camps”

Resilience of the Colombian Education System

  Colombia has achieved important progress in terms of alphabetisation and access to education, however the educational system faces violence and different situations of emergency. This puts many children, adolescents and youth at risk of being excluded from the educational system and greatly limits their opportunities. This is particularly true in rural zones where thereContinue reading “Resilience of the Colombian Education System”