RET’s Efforts to Support Girls’ Education Paying Off

Breidjing – 16th February 2012. During his assessment mission in Chad in February 2012, the RET’s Chief of Operations, Guillaume Villard, visited the RET school in the Sudanese refugee camp of Bredjing to meet the community and the beneficiaries. Speaking to Grade 8 students (Grade 8 is the last year of the Sudanese primary schoolContinue reading “RET’s Efforts to Support Girls’ Education Paying Off”

The RET Renews Scholarship Contracts with Returnee Students

  59 returnee students have signed their DAFI scholarship contracts for 2012, administered by the RET, at the headquarters of the National Office for Returnees and Stateless Persons (ONPRA) in Bujumbura this Thursday, 1st of March 2012.   The selected students are 53 Burundian returnees (14 female and 39 male students) and six Congolese refugeesContinue reading “The RET Renews Scholarship Contracts with Returnee Students”

“Citizens of the World” Festival in Costa Rica

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Costa Rica) – The recent increase in juvenile violence and criminality has contributed to the overall deteriorating security conditions in Costa Rica. These trends have led the RET Costa Rica to develop and implement a programme encompassing recreational activities that promote and contribute to building a culture of peace in theContinue reading ““Citizens of the World” Festival in Costa Rica”

Travelling Photo Exhibition – a Brighter Outlook for Youth-at-risk in Ecuador

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Ecuador) – At the RET, we are convinced of the importance of education as a powerful tool of building peace and social inclusion. We believe that promoting education that rejects prejudice, intolerance and stereotypes with regard to ‘the other(s)’, is one of the best strategies to prevent social division, intolerance,Continue reading “Travelling Photo Exhibition – a Brighter Outlook for Youth-at-risk in Ecuador”

Rescue Through Applause – Combating Youth Violence in Panama

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Panama) – A major source of social instability in Panama are armed gangs responsible for murder, robbery, rape, drug trafficking, among others. The people hiding “behind” the gangs are mostly young people (often minors) full of energy and idle time, but also full of anger and with few choices. AndContinue reading “Rescue Through Applause – Combating Youth Violence in Panama”

Interview with Jamila Nawazi, Teacher Administrator’s Assistant, Community Learning Centre Parwan, Afghanistan

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Afghanistan) Jamila, can you tell us something about how the Community Learning Centre is contributing to peace in Afghanistan?   In my point of view, the fact that it has been three years now that we have been educating more than hundred women in the center is already a hugeContinue reading “Interview with Jamila Nawazi, Teacher Administrator’s Assistant, Community Learning Centre Parwan, Afghanistan”

Peace Week in the Camps of Congolese Refugees in Burundi

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Burundi) – Every year on September 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. This day was also celebrated in refugee camps in Burundi and Congo. According to a baseline study commissioned by the RET at the beginning of its Peace Education programme in the refugee camps in Burundi,Continue reading “Peace Week in the Camps of Congolese Refugees in Burundi”

RET Highlights 2011: The RET Signs the Panama Declaration on Disaster Risk Management in the Education Sector

  Panama – October 12-14, 2011 – The RET co-organised the International Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Education Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, which led to the signature of the “Panama Declaration” that calls for strengthening the Right to Education in emergency and disaster situations.   The RET co-organised, along withContinue reading “RET Highlights 2011: The RET Signs the Panama Declaration on Disaster Risk Management in the Education Sector”

RET Education Conference in Geneva (December 2011)

  Paths towards peace – Geneva RET Conference – 12-15 December 2011 “Protecting through Education,” reads the Refugee Education Trust’s motto. Indeed, since the year 2000, the RET has committed itself to providing education and to developing self-reliance to youth facing violence, conflicts, and disasters. Consequently, the RET organised its annual Education Conference to discussContinue reading “RET Education Conference in Geneva (December 2011)”

Strengthening Abilities and Integration through “Peace Education”

  The RET Costa Rica has carried out a series of workshops on life skills, mainly aimed at young people from Secondary Schools in the province of Heredia, including colleges such as the Aurora High School, Samuel Saenz High School and Heredia High School. The workshops were attended by around 125 young refugees, immigrants andContinue reading “Strengthening Abilities and Integration through “Peace Education””

Protective Environments as Basis for Integration

  Throughout its six years of experience in educational response to adolescents and young people made vulnerable by displacement, violence, armed conflicts, natural disasters and, as a result, lack of opportunities, the RET Ecuador has come to the conclusion that educational institutions/campuses are key bodies for integration into communities that host refugee populations.   However,Continue reading “Protective Environments as Basis for Integration”

August 19th – World Humanitarian Day 2011

  World Humanitarian Day is a celebration of people helping people. Every day humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world.   Every year, disasters cause immense suffering for millions of people – usually the world’s poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Humanitarian aid workers strive to provide life-saving assistance and long termContinue reading “August 19th – World Humanitarian Day 2011”

Theatre Forum, Burundi

The RET has organized theatrical performances in 39 schools (within the provinces of Kirundo, Muyinga, Cankuzo, Ruyigi, Rutana, Makamba and Bururi), all which benefit from the responsible citizenship programme. These theaters represented in Kirundi forums were designed to educate students, parents, educators and the communities surrounding the schools to promote responsible behavior = the key toContinue reading “Theatre Forum, Burundi”

DAFI – Reinforcing Capacities – Entrepreneurship training

  The RET is committed to strengthening the capacity and intellectual skills of students through training workshops and participation in international conferences. The RET’s DAFI scholars received training on Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) in late June, which has given them skills in entrepreneurship, a valuable tool since the current labour market in Burundi is soContinue reading “DAFI – Reinforcing Capacities – Entrepreneurship training”