The Youth of Haiti Take their Future into Their Own Hands

  Thanks to the financial support of the Emergency Relief Response Fund (ERRF) of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the RET, in collaboration with the Scout Association of Haiti and Collectif Action opened ten learning centres for the youth of Haiti in various zones affected by the earthquake. TheContinue reading “The Youth of Haiti Take their Future into Their Own Hands”

CIDA Commends the RET’s Programme for Youth in Antioquia, Colombia

  CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency, who currently funds the RET in Colombia, has released their Newsletter featuring an in-depth article on the RET’s programme for displaced youth in Antioquia. The project focuses on preventing and removing children and youth from the worst forms of child labour, via education and inclusion strategies, to ensureContinue reading “CIDA Commends the RET’s Programme for Youth in Antioquia, Colombia”

A Sudan Ministry of Education Representative Visits Grade 8 Students

  With regard to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the RET and the Sudan Ministry of Education, RET Grade 8 students benefit from an accredited end-of-primary-school exam. This opportunity has given hope to many students who are learning in the camps. In addition to the institutional recognition of the students’ educational commitment, this diplomaContinue reading “A Sudan Ministry of Education Representative Visits Grade 8 Students”

Chad – The Education Council, a Participative Approach to Education

  In order for the different schools to consider the demands and challenges of their beneficiaries, the Chadian RET projects have seen the creation of Education Councils. In charge of maintaining a conducive learning environment, these platforms endeavor to discuss and solve educational issues.   In order to promote a participative approach in the developmentContinue reading “Chad – The Education Council, a Participative Approach to Education”

Chad – Bredjing Graduation Ceremony – a Community Celebration

“We intend one day to bring the fruit of our education back to our home country – Sudan – to support its development and to assure a better future,” several male and female students sing together. This performance is part of the RET centre’s Bredjing camp graduation ceremony on the 10th of May 2011. 115Continue reading “Chad – Bredjing Graduation Ceremony – a Community Celebration”

Chad Schools Undergo Some Maintenance Work

  Three RET centres for education have recently benefited from reparation work. Indeed, due to Chad’s very hot climate and the significant rainfall in summer, some of the schools’ equipment has been damaged. Based on the education delegate’s needs’ assessment, the RET logistics team has defined a priority list and started the refurbishment work inContinue reading “Chad Schools Undergo Some Maintenance Work”

Burundi – Project to Assist Returnee Integration Through National Language Learning

  IRIN has published an article discussing the need for national language learning in Burundi for returnees. Returnee students often have no background in either French or Kirundi, the national languages of Burundi, as they will have grown up in refugee camps in Anglophone countries such as Tanzania.   The article includes an interview withContinue reading “Burundi – Project to Assist Returnee Integration Through National Language Learning”

LatAm: Inicio de Actividades en Costa Rica

RET inició actividades en Costa Rica en agosto de 2010 a partir del proyecto Consolidación de ambientes protectores en emergencia para la inserción integral de las poblaciones refugiadas en las comunidades de: Ecuador, Panamá y Costa Rica.   Una de las líneas de la cual parte la intervención está focalizada hacia la atención psicosocial individualContinue reading “LatAm: Inicio de Actividades en Costa Rica”

LatAm: Puentes para la Integración

  ¿Se puede transformar la situación socio-económica de familias en un contexto donde más de la mitad de la población es pobre? ¿Puede un pequeño negocio contribuir a mejorar los hábitos alimenticios de una familia? ¿Tender puentes entre la comunidad de llegada y acogida, puede integrarnos verdaderamente? Hoy, 56 mujeres refugiadas responsables del sustento económicoContinue reading “LatAm: Puentes para la Integración”

LatAm: Construyendo Oportunidades

  Los municipios dentro del bajo Putumayo se caracterizan por tener una población conformada por familias afectadas por el conflicto armado, expuestas al desplazamiento forzado y fumigaciones, entre otras. Las instituciones educativas y sus comunidades no son ajenas a ello, la educación ha jugado un papel muy importante y trascendental en la vida de los niños,Continue reading “LatAm: Construyendo Oportunidades”

LatAm: Educación: Puente al Desarrollo

  Reconociendo que la educación es un pilar fundamental en el desarrollo de todo ser humano principalmente de los niños, niñas, jóvenes y adolescentes, RET continua apoyando las iniciativas juveniles y actividades lúdicas implementadas en las comunidades de Yaviza y Jaqué, como parte del proceso de integración de la población refugiada en las comunidades deContinue reading “LatAm: Educación: Puente al Desarrollo”

LatAm: Los Proyectos Productivos Siguen Creciendo

  Los participantes de los proyectos productivos de la primera etapa del proyecto financiado por BPRM en Panamá siguen sacándole provecho a aquellas actividades económicas que iniciaron de la mano de RET en su gestión 2009-2010.   Uno de los proyectos más exitosos que se han implementado en Panamá es el de Cría de Cerdos.Continue reading “LatAm: Los Proyectos Productivos Siguen Creciendo”

BPRM Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz visits the RET’s projects in Chad.

On the 15th November, Eric Schwartz, the Assistant Secretary of State for the U.S. Government’s Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM) made a visit to the RET centres in the Hadjer-Hadid camp in Chad.   Mr Schwartz was told by our staff how the BPRM funded programme has developed from a non-formal Life SkillsContinue reading “BPRM Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz visits the RET’s projects in Chad.”