Burundi Student Wins University Scholarship


Salathiel Ntakirutimana, 20 years old, a former pupil of Lycée Muyaga in Cankuzo Province, has been granted a scholarship by Econet Wireless , and just begun his first year at the University Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA (University World College of Southern Africa) in Swaziland, where he will complete his undergraduate studies over the next two years.




Concerned with positively changing the mentality of the students studying at his university, Salathiel has founded the first “Leadership Development Forum,” where he will be inviting various leaders from different walks of life to discuss their experiences in both their business and political lives. On top of this commitment, he is also writing an autobiographical book entitled An Unpitiful Life. The RET congratulates Salathiel on his scholarship and wishes him the best of luck in the future.