Resilience of the Colombian Education System

  Colombia has achieved important progress in terms of alphabetisation and access to education, however the educational system faces violence and different situations of emergency. This puts many children, adolescents and youth at risk of being excluded from the educational system and greatly limits their opportunities. This is particularly true in rural zones where thereContinue reading “Resilience of the Colombian Education System”

Guaranteeing Quality Education in Emergencies – Making Local Solutions Accessible to All

  The adolescents and youth of Colombia face a permanent state of emergency due to their country’s long-lasting internal conflict. Nature, however, has recently shown that it can be a risk factor as well. Since 2010, torrential rains have battered Colombia, causing numerous rivers to burst their banks. This created nation-wide emergencies, deeply affecting theContinue reading “Guaranteeing Quality Education in Emergencies – Making Local Solutions Accessible to All”

CIDA Commends the RET’s Programme for Youth in Antioquia, Colombia

  CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency, who currently funds the RET in Colombia, has released their Newsletter featuring an in-depth article on the RET’s programme for displaced youth in Antioquia. The project focuses on preventing and removing children and youth from the worst forms of child labour, via education and inclusion strategies, to ensureContinue reading “CIDA Commends the RET’s Programme for Youth in Antioquia, Colombia”

LatAm: Construyendo Oportunidades

  Los municipios dentro del bajo Putumayo se caracterizan por tener una población conformada por familias afectadas por el conflicto armado, expuestas al desplazamiento forzado y fumigaciones, entre otras. Las instituciones educativas y sus comunidades no son ajenas a ello, la educación ha jugado un papel muy importante y trascendental en la vida de los niños,Continue reading “LatAm: Construyendo Oportunidades”

Antioquia, Colombia – RET’s Programme to Eliminate Child Labour

  RET, FOUNDATION FOR THE EDUCATION OF REFUGEES, WILLING TO STRENGTHEN PROGRAMS FOR ELIMINATION OF CHILD LABOR   Government of Antioquia, March 15th 2010.   Zeynep Gündüz, global head of RET, was greeted this morning by the Manager of Childhood and Adolescence and the Secretaries of Education and Mines, with whom she positively evaluated theContinue reading “Antioquia, Colombia – RET’s Programme to Eliminate Child Labour”