Refugee Families Defending the Right to Education

One of the main challenges for Colombian families who are asylum seekers or refugees in Ecuador is succeeding in having their youth enter the Ecuadorian education system. In many instances this integration faces numerous hurdles, even though education is a universal right, guaranteed by the Ecuadorian constitution. In order to facilitate this access to education,Continue reading “Refugee Families Defending the Right to Education”

Young Refugee Women in Business

  Through RET International’s refugee integration project, made possible by the U.S. State Department´s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, six young refugee women in Sucumbíos, Ecuador, have created the “Network of Food Services”, an associative productive project. The abilities of each of these women make possible the management of a small restaurant, a cateringContinue reading “Young Refugee Women in Business”

Niñas, Niños, Adolescentes y Jovenes de América Latina y El Caribe se Reunen en Guayaquil, Ecuador

  Guayaquil, Ecuador-25 de mayo de 2014. Un total de 58 niñas, niños, adolescentes y jóvenes (NNAJ) de 13 países de América Latina y el Caribe están reunidos en Guayaquil durante el 24 y 25 de mayo con la finalidad de compartir los proyectos y las experiencias que han llevado a cabo en sus comunidadesContinue reading “Niñas, Niños, Adolescentes y Jovenes de América Latina y El Caribe se Reunen en Guayaquil, Ecuador”

Travelling Photo Exhibition – a Brighter Outlook for Youth-at-risk in Ecuador

Global Newsletter – January 2012 (Ecuador) – At the RET, we are convinced of the importance of education as a powerful tool of building peace and social inclusion. We believe that promoting education that rejects prejudice, intolerance and stereotypes with regard to ‘the other(s)’, is one of the best strategies to prevent social division, intolerance,Continue reading “Travelling Photo Exhibition – a Brighter Outlook for Youth-at-risk in Ecuador”

Protective Environments as Basis for Integration

  Throughout its six years of experience in educational response to adolescents and young people made vulnerable by displacement, violence, armed conflicts, natural disasters and, as a result, lack of opportunities, the RET Ecuador has come to the conclusion that educational institutions/campuses are key bodies for integration into communities that host refugee populations.   However,Continue reading “Protective Environments as Basis for Integration”

LatAm: Puentes para la Integración

  ¿Se puede transformar la situación socio-económica de familias en un contexto donde más de la mitad de la población es pobre? ¿Puede un pequeño negocio contribuir a mejorar los hábitos alimenticios de una familia? ¿Tender puentes entre la comunidad de llegada y acogida, puede integrarnos verdaderamente? Hoy, 56 mujeres refugiadas responsables del sustento económicoContinue reading “LatAm: Puentes para la Integración”