Fundraising Campaign for Haiti

  Two and a half years after the earthquake, Haitians are still struggling to find opportunities and hope for a better future.   The RET thanks all those who kindly contributed to its fundraising campaign for Haiti to 400 students in Haiti’s IDP camp in Corail to continue their studies.

The Youth of Haiti Take their Future into Their Own Hands

  Thanks to the financial support of the Emergency Relief Response Fund (ERRF) of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the RET, in collaboration with the Scout Association of Haiti and Collectif Action opened ten learning centres for the youth of Haiti in various zones affected by the earthquake. TheContinue reading “The Youth of Haiti Take their Future into Their Own Hands”

New programme in Haiti is well underway!

  The RET, with the assistance and funding of ERRF-OCHA, has launched its preliminary programme in Haiti. The programme, ‘Social and Professional Reintegration for Youth at Risk’, has two objectives – social and professional development and protection, in ten centres and schools.     The RET has recognised the dire need for under-schooled young peopleContinue reading “New programme in Haiti is well underway!”