Skills, Tools & Markets: Making Income-generating Projects Work

According to UNHCR, almost 350’000 refugees live in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya, many of whom have been there for decades. Approximately 95% of the refugees have come from Somalia, while the remaining 5% originate from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania or Yemen. Given the Government of Kenya’s encampmentContinue reading “Skills, Tools & Markets: Making Income-generating Projects Work”

Internet Entrepreneurs in Dadaab Refugee Camps

To date, dozens of young people in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya have benefited from RET’s digital work programme. This innovative approach has helped young refugees become self-reliant, by giving them the tools to work online.   When the concept of digital entrepreneurship was introduced to these youth, the whole idea of online incomeContinue reading “Internet Entrepreneurs in Dadaab Refugee Camps”

Different Needs, Same Willingness to Learn

  In its 15 years of existence, RET International has time and again observed that emergencies and conflicts affect young women differently than young men. The fragile environments within the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya are no exception.   Thanks to the generous support of the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration,Continue reading “Different Needs, Same Willingness to Learn”

Accelerated Learning to Advance Economic Opportunities

  RET is currently implementing a unique and much needed Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) in the Kenyan refugee camps of Hagadera, Dagahaley and IFO in Dadaab. A combination of the lack of existing infrastructure together with the influx of more than 160,000 refugees in 2011, has meant that only a mere 2% of secondary agedContinue reading “Accelerated Learning to Advance Economic Opportunities”