Education and Resilience: A Path to Sustainable Humanitarian Action

Last May the first ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) was held in Istanbul, Turkey. In this article, we go back to RET International’s participation in the event as the importance of education in humanitarian action should be regularly repeated and not only mentioned during large events. To confront challenges such as forced displacement, guaranteeing theContinue reading “Education and Resilience: A Path to Sustainable Humanitarian Action”

60 Million Reasons

Dear Friends of RET, Having just gone through one of the most intense years in my humanitarian career, I wish to introduce this first newsletter of 2016 with a number that has made a profound impression: 60 million. This is the estimated number of persons forcibly displaced due to conflicts, persecutions and disasters at theContinue reading “60 Million Reasons”

Editorial April 2015 Global Newsletter – Zeynep Gündüz

  RET International has a strong central message that we repeat whenever we have the opportunity: Young people matter and should not be abandoned by the international community during crises, especially as fragile environments tend to make them more vulnerable. Through “education”, no matter formal or non-formal, they can be protected and become positive actorsContinue reading “Editorial April 2015 Global Newsletter – Zeynep Gündüz”

Editorial – RET Global Newsletter – October 2014

  Dear Reader, welcome to the October 2014 edition of International’s Global Newsletter. Undoubtedly, the need and volume of humanitarian activity has been unprecedented during the last six months around the world. So much so, that with each day that passes, with conflicts growing, in magnitude and frequency, the premise of our previous edition mayContinue reading “Editorial – RET Global Newsletter – October 2014”

A Place for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

  The Millennium Development Goals and the Education For All Goals have shaped and driven the global education agenda for nearly 15 years. The resources of the international community have been allocated in accordance and, on the ground, this has shaped priorities. Youth education in fragile environments was sadly not among these priorities and hasContinue reading “A Place for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda”

Editorial – RET Global Newsletter – March 2014

As the “Geneva II” peace talks in Switzerland ended without a convincing diplomatic solution and the violence in Syria continues, 2014 appears to be a year of deep and threatening uncertainty. RET, like many other organisations, has entered the region. However, the hidden tragedy of Syria is that, in addition to its suffering, it mayContinue reading “Editorial – RET Global Newsletter – March 2014”

RET and INEE Collaborate to Improve Advocacy

  This 15 October, 23 experts from 16 organisations, engaged in youth education such as UNESCO, the Global Education Cluster, UNHCR, INEE or the Youth Advocacy Group of the Education First Initiative, convened in RET’s offices in Geneva sharing a common concern: will youth education in fragile contexts be taken into account in the Post-2015Continue reading “RET and INEE Collaborate to Improve Advocacy”

A New INEE-RET Partnership Monitors the World’s Crises

  Since 2002, RET has been deeply involved in the work of the International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE). RET was among the early actors who pioneered INEE’s Minimum Standards for Education and is presently Co-Chair, with the World Bank, of its Steering Committee and of its Adolescent and Youth Task Team (with GIZ).Continue reading “A New INEE-RET Partnership Monitors the World’s Crises”

RET y UNICEF lanzaron la Guía para Gobiernos “Acciones Para la Resiliencia de Niñez y Juventud”

  El pasado 20 de mayo, RET y UNICEF lanzaron la Guía para Gobiernos “Acciones para la resiliencia de niñez y juventud”, en el marco de la IV Plataforma Global para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres, en Ginebra-Suiza.   Con una participación importante de delegados de los gobiernos de Ecuador, Cuba y Brasil, asíContinue reading “RET y UNICEF lanzaron la Guía para Gobiernos “Acciones Para la Resiliencia de Niñez y Juventud””

RET Education Conference in Geneva (December 2011)

  Paths towards peace – Geneva RET Conference – 12-15 December 2011 “Protecting through Education,” reads the Refugee Education Trust’s motto. Indeed, since the year 2000, the RET has committed itself to providing education and to developing self-reliance to youth facing violence, conflicts, and disasters. Consequently, the RET organised its annual Education Conference to discussContinue reading “RET Education Conference in Geneva (December 2011)”

August 19th – World Humanitarian Day 2011

  World Humanitarian Day is a celebration of people helping people. Every day humanitarian aid workers help millions of people around the world.   Every year, disasters cause immense suffering for millions of people – usually the world’s poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Humanitarian aid workers strive to provide life-saving assistance and long termContinue reading “August 19th – World Humanitarian Day 2011”