Bridging the cultural gaps through Music and Dance. An Initiative led by the Youth to the young people of Turkey

“Whenever we share our music, we share our emotions, our fears, and the challenges that bring us together”  RET Youth Orchestra and Choir member. Trained in leadership and communications, RET empowered eleven young participants coming from Belize, Ecuador/Colombia, Venezuela, Burundi, Chad, Kenya/Somalia, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey founding the RET Youth Ambassadors Group. The first meetingContinue reading “Bridging the cultural gaps through Music and Dance. An Initiative led by the Youth to the young people of Turkey”

Let’s Talk about Gender-Based Violence

As 2016 draws to an end, and as we recently celebrated the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we are reminded that gender-based violence is sadly still prevalent across almost all societies around the world. Tragically, in fragile contexts such as within displaced communities, it is usually greatly accentuated. Understanding the complexity of gender-basedContinue reading “Let’s Talk about Gender-Based Violence”

Trauma Dolls – Reconciliation Through Therapeutic Self-Expression

A new practice implemented by RET International in Mardin, Turkey, is aimed at relieving trauma, while stimulating personal expression. In the room, we can hear the voices of the violence, the fear and the pain in every sound. The dolls are on the wall, hung from the ceiling with ropes, tied to a ladder, placedContinue reading “Trauma Dolls – Reconciliation Through Therapeutic Self-Expression”

Celebrating Children, Having Fun and Working with Communities

At RET International we have been working in Southeastern Turkey for over two years, with a strong focus on the needs of youth, women and girls made vulnerable by the Syrian Crisis. Given this involvement, which has by now grown into sincere attachment to the local communities, our team was highly motivated to celebrate Children’sContinue reading “Celebrating Children, Having Fun and Working with Communities”

Bridging the Gaps through Language Training in Turkey

RET International has been active in Turkey since early 2013, where we have been concentrating on two main courses of action: Turkish language training for Syrian children and youth and the empowerment of vulnerable young women. Protection is the overarching goal of our projects and it is done through educational approaches, which provide adolescents, youthContinue reading “Bridging the Gaps through Language Training in Turkey”

A Place for Optimism

This week was filled with excitement for RET International’s team in Turkey as a high-level delegation from the European Union and dignitaries from the Turkish Government visited the “My Life” Women’s Centre designed and created by RET, as an implementing partner of UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) in Süleymaniye. The delegation, which visited theContinue reading “A Place for Optimism”

Getting Things Right

  After 4 years of conflict, the world is well aware of the tragedy of the Syrian conflict. Governments, humanitarian organisations and the International Community are bracing for a prolonged intervention. Most observers agree this crisis will not end before several years. The wounds will take even longer to heal.   Southeastern Turkey is oneContinue reading “Getting Things Right”