CIDA Commends the RET’s Programme for Youth in Antioquia, Colombia


CIDA, the Canadian International Development Agency, who currently funds the RET in Colombia, has released their Newsletter featuring an in-depth article on the RET’s programme for displaced youth in Antioquia. The project focuses on preventing and removing children and youth from the worst forms of child labour, via education and inclusion strategies, to ensure their human rights are observed, and they are given the chance to forge better lives for themselves and their families.




The RET has focused on providing 500 rural-based children and adolescents linked to the worst forms of child labour with quality and relevant education, in addition to providing human rights education to another 1,500 – including reproductive rights and life skills training. Communitiesare sensitised to the need to protect their children and youth, and are given the ability to become involved in removing these minors from the worst forms of child labour. This is done through the formation of Monitoring Committees, whereby children and youth themselves assist the RET in identifying the parts of town where child labour is found to be used. Training workshops are conducted for the youth to learn leaderships skills and be trained in specific subjects such as conflict mitigation, sexual education, the rights of the child, and various other life skills. These adolescents are described as ‘multipliers’ as they then go on to reinforce their learning throughout their communities and teach their friends and families the skills and knowledge that they have learnt.


Article in Spanish.