DAFI – Reinforcing Capacities – Entrepreneurship training


The RET is committed to strengthening the capacity and intellectual skills of students through training workshops and participation in international conferences. The RET’s DAFI scholars received training on Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) in late June, which has given them skills in entrepreneurship, a valuable tool since the current labour market in Burundi is so inaccessible for young people.




At the end of the course a female entrepreneur shared her experiences (both positive and negative) of the business of entrepreneurship. This exchange of experience proved very valuable to the young scholars, and they participated in a long question and answer session afterwards, speaking mainly about the feasibility of starting a new business. At the end of the training, the students were awarded certificates to show they had attended.


The feedback from the students was positive and encouraging – “I did not know anything about entrepreneurship, but now I am very happy to know that I too can start a business and earn a living” said one. Another thanked the RET for the training, saying it was interesting and rewarding and that he felt a “desire to learn even more, because now I want to pursue entrepreneurship as a career.”