International Youth Day 2023: Empower Youth for a Better Future

International Youth Day 2023: Empower Youth for a Better Future

RET, in partnership with local implementing partner LEAP Türkiye, is empowering youth to become agents of positive change: from educational and youth empowerment programs to performing arts, community engagement, and youth ambassordorship. 

On this International Youth Day (August 12), we are highlighting the significance of young people around the world and their role in society, their contributions, and their well-being. By recognizing their potential, addressing their challenges, and involving them in decision-making processes, societies can pave the way for a more just, inclusive, and sustainable future. 

Together RET and LEAP Türkiye celebrated youth through multiple activities, bringing youngsters from host and refugee communities together to celebrate International Youth Day. 

As part of the “Multi-Sectoral Approach to Fostering Resilience Among Non-Syrian Refugee and Vulnerable Host Communities” project, RET’s young participants from both communities residing in Kayseri gathered in Mimar Sinan Park to conduct outdoor activities, celebrating International Youth Day. 

To celebrate this year’s International Youth Day, RET organized various activities in Samsun and Ankara as part of its comprehensive language learning project, “Turkish and English Language Learning Programme as a Tool for Empowerment and Social Cohesion.” 

In Samsun, RET’s young Turkish and English language class participants gathered at the “Canik Inverted House,” creating a vibrant atmosphere of unity and excitement. The iconic architecture served as a unique backdrop, symbolizing the youthful perspective and innovative spirit that the youth bring to the world. 

In honor of International Youth Day, the young participants of RET’s English Classes in Ankara came together for an engaging and enlightening knowledge contest. Fueled by their curiosity and thirst for learning, these bright minds showcased their knowledge across various subjects, fostering a friendly competitive atmosphere. 

The refugee participants of RET’s Turkish language class in Ankara created a powerful symbol of unity. With a simple piece of paper, each participant drew a letter, and together, they ingeniously assembled the phrase “International Youth Day.” This artistic endeavor beautifully captured the essence of the day, highlighting the strength that comes from diversity and collaboration. 

As part of the “Increasing Resilience of Refugees and Vulnerable Host Community Members and Fostering Peaceful Co-Existence in Çorum” project, LEAP’s participants from the host and refugee communities united to commemorate International Youth Day in a national park in Çorum. The day began with an enlightening awareness-raising training session focusing on violence against women. With newfound knowledge in their hearts, they then embraced the joy of the outdoors, engaging in a series of spirited outdoor games. This harmonious blend of education and recreation underscored the power of collective action, as the participants not only absorbed essential information but also fostered connections that reinforce the vital role of youth in shaping a society free from violence and discrimination.