RET’s numerous projects in Pakistan, starting in 2001, took a holistic approach towards education for refugee and local youth and were concentrated in the Northwest Frontiere Province (NWFP) ain in Quetta, Balochistan.

Based in both refugee camps and urban settings, RET assisted Afghans who had fled the country due to the conflicts. 

RET provided vulnerable young people with life skills and livelihood training and worked with young women and girls to increase their access and retention to secondary education. RET inaugurated the first model school in Peshawar and the first learning center to provide Accelerated Learning programs (ALP)for young women and girls who had skipped multiple years in school.

RET implemented more than 17 different projects in the seven years of operations in Pakistan until 2008, reaching out directly to around 46K Afghan refugees (of which at least 12,478 were female), including 1,556 educators. 

Through its cross-border activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 551 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Afghans (523 female), including 230 educators, benefitted from RET’s projects. As Afghan refugees had been voluntarily repatriating back home, RET moved its base of operations to Afghanistan in 2008 to continue working with the returnee populations and those internally displaced in Afghanistan (see our Afghanistan page for more details).

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