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Direct Beneficiaries & Program Participants
52% Female
(Women & Girls)

Since 2003, RET has directly supported more than 58.3 K direct beneficiaries in Colombia, 52% of them are vulnerable women, and indirectly benefited around 580K beneficiaries. Also, RET facilitated the opening of more than 403 facilities throughout 31 projects, focused on Protection, Education & Capacity-building, (including Institutional strengthening); Prevention & Management of Disasters and Natural Hazards; Democracy & Governance (including youth Civic Empowerment and Youth Development); Economic Growth & Development (Self-Reliance & Livelihoods), and basic Infrastructure & Equipment.

Since 2003, RET has provided interventions in vulnerable areas, mostly affected by violence, disasters, and by the influx of Venezuelan migrants, particularly: Choco, Catatumbo, under the Cauca, Caqueta, Nariño, and Putumayo.


RET in Colombia is an active member of:
The Country’s Humanitarian Team (led by the UN) 
The Protection Cluster (led by UNHCR); RET is involved in the Protection Cluster (in collaboration with UNHCR), where support has been provided for the management of the Delegate Ombudsman’s Office for Human Rights.
The Early Recovery Cluster (led by UNDP); 
The Board of Education (led by UNICEF); 
The Interagency Group of Mixed Migratory Flows to address the crisis in Venezuela (led by UNHCR – IOM).

RET is currently implementing projects benefitting Venezuelan refugees and migrants responding to the needs of Venezuelans in border areas, and on the six main migratory routes and addressing the basic humanitarian and protection needs of new internally displaced people (IDP’s) in Colombia.

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