RET Empowers Women in Mardin with Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Career Prospects 

RET Empowers Women in Mardin with Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Career Prospects 

A comprehensive training program implemented in Mardin is helping to address two pivotal dimensions of personal and professional growth in women: sexual and reproductive health, and employment opportunities. RET orchestrated this training effort with the objective of equipping 28 women with indispensable insights that could significantly enhance their lives. 

The initial segment of the training centered on sexual and reproductive health. Under the guidance of proficient RET trainers, participants engaged in discussions that disseminated accurate information on the subject. This facet of the training aimed to empower women to lead healthy lives, make informed choices, and maintain respectful relationships. It also sought to advance gender equality, curtail maternal and infant mortality rates, and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 

Subject expert trainers led the subsequent phase of training, which delved into job prospects –from labor frameworks and cooperatives, to entrepreneurship. The women hailed from both the host and refugee communities, and the training sought to nurture an understanding of the diverse array of opportunities within their reach. Additionally, the sessions spotlighted the employment ecosystem fostered by İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) and furnished guidance on the process of seeking job counseling. 

The trainers also addressed the benefits of cooperatives by sharing the inspiring narrative of Leap Women’s Co-operative. According to one participant, “I had never realized the range of possibilities for us in terms of employment and even establishing our own business or cooperative. This training has broadened my horizons in ways I hadn’t imagined.” 

As a result of this training initiative, the women of Mardin now step forward, armed with invaluable insights into their well-being and economic potential. The future appears brighter not only for them but for the entire community.