Sierra Leone

RET’s intervention in Sierra Leone between 2001 and 2002 aimed to strengthen the educational and employability opportunities for young people made vulnerable by armed conflict.

This was achieved by providing teacher training and inaugurating a life skills center that delivered pre-professional livelihoods training for returnees and local youths. The training consisted of building the marketable skills of young people (carpentry and baking) and their self-reliance for employability in the local community. The program improved educational and vocational opportunities that promoted social and economic inclusion upon returning to their home communities.

RET ceased operations in Sierra Leone in 2003 upon the consolidation of peace in the country and the decrease in humanitarian needs. 

RET continues to work with and monitor the situation of vulnerable youth who having been displaced by violence, armed conflict, or disasters in other fragile parts of Africa (see our BurundiChad, the Democratic Republic of the CongoKenya, and Mauritania, for more details).

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