Tanzania has provided shelter and protection to the largest refugee population in Africa for the past fifty years. Violent conflict in the region has affected millions of people, and many found themselves fleeing to Tanzania to find safety.

RET’s work in Tanzania began in 2002. It concentrated on improving the quality of and access to post-primary education for Burundian and Congolese refugee youth living in refugee camps along the Congolese-Burundian borders.

RET provided integral post-primary educational programs with a community-based approach to strengthen students’ self-determination and improve the school’s infrastructure and the skills of teachers through training (2’300 Burundian refugee teachers and thousands of Burundian and Congolese learners.)

As the programs progressed, RET put specific emphasis on preparing the Burundian refugee youth in Tanzania for their repatriation through quality language courses to facilitate their reintegration.

In 2006, RET moved its operations to Burundi, leading the way for the repatriation of approximately 500’000 Burundian refugees while also responding to the needs of the local Burundian communities receiving the returnees.
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