The Government’s Vice-Minister meets with RET International’s CEO

*This article was originally published by Luis Ruiz, in the Government of Panama’s website. The original article, in Spanish, can be found at the following link:

Panama, November 27, 2015. The Government’s Vice-Minister, María Luisa Romero, met with RET International’s CEO and Executive Director, Zeynep Günduz, who visited Panama in order to follow-up on the different projects that the organisation conducts in our country.

At the meeting Ms Günduz expressed her satisfaction with the openness demonstrated by the Government’s Ministry and the determined work of the different government offices with which they currently conduct projects of coordination and technical assistance. In this regard, Magnolia Santamaría, National Coordinator of RET programmes in Panama, highlighted how cooperation opportunities have expanded since the current administration took office.



Ms Günduz pointed out a particular project called “Adolescentes y jóvenes con discapacidad acceden a una educación inclusiva y segura en Panamá” (Adolescents and young people with disabilities have access to a inclusive and safe education in Panama), recently finished, whose main objective was to guarantee to young people with disabilities an inclusive and safe education even in times of emergencies and disasters. Furthermore, she declared that this project, executed in conjunction with the “Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil” (SINAPROC) (National System for Civil Protection), was a successful and innovative experience that could serve as an example on a global level.

Likewise, she referred to the work that RET has been conducting jointly with the “Oficina Nacional para la Protección de Refugiados” (ONPAR) (National Office for the Protection of Refugees) for the development of a protocol focused on the care of children in need of interna-tional protection.

Finally, she highlighted the recent approval of a project in which RET will work jointly with the “Instituto de Estudios Interdisciplinarios” (IEI) (Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies), in order to contribute to the socio-educative and workplace integration of young people in conflict with the law, but who have not been deprived of their liberty.

Meanwhile, the Government’s Vice-Minister thanked RET for the technical assistance it has provided the Government’s Ministry, as well as their willingness to keep working hand in hand with the Government in order to improve the services provided to the population.