The Learners of RET’s Programme in Treguine Refugee Camp Did “One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion”


On the 10th of June 2013, in Eastern Chad, an unprecedented event took place. The learners of RET’s programme in Treguine Refugee Camp celebrated with enthusiasm the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, in partnership with UNESCO, launched the campaign « Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion ». This worldwide movement culminates on May 21 during World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. In Treguine, this day was celebrated slightly later, but was all the more intense.




RET, which is committed to the protection of vulnerable young people through education, joins the international community in striving to overcome cultural barriers, in order to promote peace and stability. Such celebrations are an opportunity to highlight how so many conflicts are related to a lack of tolerance for diversity.


The event started with learners of different age groups reading poems and singing in both Arabic and English. Art, by its universal appeal, shows that culture can and should be shared. The following activity was a 150-meter race. It was important to insert sport in this celebration day, because, as for art, sport is practiced everywhere and is one of these universal languages, which bring humanity together.


The celebration reached its peak when the theatre group arrived on stage. The troupe delighted the spectators when it presented dances from Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad and the Dadjo people. Even “techno” was represented.


All these activities were extremely relevant, as they showed that there are “Many Cultures, One Humanity”1 . Everyone learned that differences in geographic origin, sociological backgrounds, gender and beliefs should not be barriers. They should, on the contrary, enrich humanity as a whole.


The festivities were fantastic, overwhelmed by you-yous and covered with applause. The 21st of May is now has its official place in Treguine’s calendar of events. Next year’s celebration is already awaited.

1 Motto of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.