The RET Helps Families Affected by the Disaster in Panama


In December 2010, a tragedy struck the town of Yaviza in the province of Darien: a great flood swept away crops, cattle and the belongings and properties of the town’s inhabitants. Among the affected were participants of the RET projects in Darien who lost their homes and belongings as well as the results of their labour. The entire locality is currently being rebuilt, and the RET is working hard to help the beneficiaries recover fully from the crisis. During the emergency, the RET team actively participated in the response phase and supported the relocation of people to safe areas. Educational kits and food kits were distributed by the RET to support the educational and psychosocial recovery of the communities.




Despite their harsh situation, the beneficiaries are very grateful and happy for the intervention and assistance which the RET has been providing. The RET will continue to support beneficiaries who were affected by the emergency in Panama, by giving the families continuous support as well through psychosocial and educational activities.