The Youth of Haiti Take their Future into Their Own Hands


Thanks to the financial support of the Emergency Relief Response Fund (ERRF) of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the RET, in collaboration with the Scout Association of Haiti and Collectif Action opened ten learning centres for the youth of Haiti in various zones affected by the earthquake. The main objectives of the training provided by these centres are to help Haiti’s youth to overcome the trauma of the earthquake (training in life skills) and to allow them to prepare their future through academic support and professional training in the field of construction (plumbing, electricity and masonry).




This first phase of the programme encountered a great success as the number of youths who participated in the activities greatly exceeded the original targets. Over the first three months more than 13,000 youths participated in the activities of the learning centres (see figures below). Furthermore, an independent assessment carried out by a team of researchers which interviewed over 1,200 participants found that they were deeply passionate about the programme. In addition to the fact that the number of participants exceeded the planned targets by 48.5%, over 97% declared to be satisfied by the training received, and over 98% expressed their for the programme to continue. Regarding the impacts, 80% of the participants felt that the programme helped them to prepare for their future, 51% declared that they now have higher self-esteem and 31% said they had managed to overcome any trauma they had experienced due to the earthquake.


This first phase of the RET programme in Haiti proves that post-disaster programmes can have a rapid impact through well adapted training. Day after day, the youth in Haiti prove to us that they have the will to take their future into their own hands, and it is their participation and passion which makes the RET’s work so successful.


Participation in the activities of the training centres:

Life Skills – Original Target 4,500 participants : 4,881 youth participated : variation from target +8.5%
Academic support – Original Target 3,300 participants : 3,850 youth participated : variation from target +16.5%
Professional Training – Original Target 1,200 participants : 4,635 youth participated : variation from target +286%
Total – Original Target 9,900 participants : 13,366 youth participated : variation from target +48.5%