About RET


RET has worked in more than 34 countries, implemented more than 450 projects globally, and provided critical protection and education programs to over 2.4 million program participants – bridging the gaps and building their resilience and sense of self-reliance.


We work with groups made vulnerable by violence, armed conflicts, and disasters – from refugee adolescents and youth in refugee camps to displaced communities in urban and rural settings.


Our mission is to alleviate suffering and catalyze sustainable development in crises, conflicts, and fragile contexts. We are amongst the leading NGOs in most crisis and post-conflict contexts to provide tailor-made solutions and relevant programs to bridge the gaps and respond to the real needs and challenges of the communities.


How do we do that?


First and foremost, by providing humanitarian assistance during emergencies, in protracted crises, and in fragile environments.


Then, we work to provide program participants the tools to become self-reliant, provide for their families, and become actors of positive social change – spurring economic and social development.


By empowering individuals and communities, we seek to create lasting, positive change, and promote peace.

Staff, worldwide
Program participants

Our Core Values

Our core commitment has always been to provide multi-dimensional solutions: These include formal and non-formal educational initiatives with the goal of building the capacity of youth and women to be positive changemakers…


But the education sector does not exist in isolation: Our solutions also include initiatives focused on food security and nutrition, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, and gender equality, among others.


We consider young people not as beneficiaries but as partners and future leaders of their communities, whose true potential needs to be brought out. We envision a world in which vulnerable young people overcome multidimensional adversities and are empowered to rebuild more resilient and peaceful communities.


RET is also committed to the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence, which are fundamental when working with refugees, returnees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and host communities.

What sectors do we work in, and how are they making a difference in the lives of women, children, and youth across the world?

In our two decade plus history, our scope of work has expanded beyond education. Our areas of intervention are guided by our humanitarian-development-peace philosophy (the “triple nexus”). Want to learn more?