Theatre Forum, Burundi

The RET has organized theatrical performances in 39 schools (within the provinces of Kirundo, Muyinga, Cankuzo, Ruyigi, Rutana, Makamba and Bururi), all which benefit from the responsible citizenship programme. These theaters represented in Kirundi forums were designed to educate students, parents, educators and the communities surrounding the schools to promote responsible behavior = the key to sustainable development and strengthening the relationship between parents, students and educators.
Approximately 22,400 students, 432 teachers and 350 parents were able to attend the theater, which focused on sub-themes of responsible citizenship such as human rights education, gender-based violence, environmental education , and peaceful conflict resolution.




The company Tubiyage uses a Theater Forum, or participatory theatre. These representations focus on the realities encountered in high schools today – including teachers who blackmail students, or students who do not respect their teachers. It is up to the audience to offer solutions that will lead to being a responsible citizen. The performances achieved the goals of improved community awareness, initiating and strengthening the debate in schools about concepts related to responsible citizenship as shown by some accounts.