Esma: “Speaking English Has Become Much Easier for Me” 

Esma: “Speaking English Has Become Much Easier for Me” 

RET, in collaboration with LEAP Turkiye, has been successfully implementing the second phase of the “Turkish and English Language Learning Programme as a Tool for Empowerment and Social Cohesion” Project in Ankara, Samsun, Mardin, and Şanlıurfa since January 2023. This transformative project aims to enhance social cohesion by bridging the communication gap between refugee and host communities through engaging Turkish and English language classes. 

RET’s comprehensive language program provides the participants from both communities the opportunity to learn a globally recognized language, English. These classes serve as a catalyst for mutual understanding, peaceful interaction, and fostering connections between individuals from diverse backgrounds.  

Esma, an 18 years-old participant attending RET’s English class in Samsun, enthusiastically shared her experience: “It has been two weeks since we started participating in RET’s English courses with our classmates from the host and refugee communities. In our class, there are 25 people of all ages. It’s the first time in my life that I am taking courses with people my mother’s age. There is excellent communication among us, and we all learn from each other.” 

Esma also acknowledged her initial struggle with learning and speaking English and added: “I discovered RET’s language classes through my sister’s teacher at school. Since starting the English Language Courses, I have rapidly learned new words and gained self-confidence in speaking English, all thanks to RET’s interactive and enjoyable teaching methods. With the help of RET’s English Courses, I firmly believe that speaking English will become much easier for me, whether I pursue higher education or travel abroad.” 

Esma’s experience is a testament to the profound impact of RET’s English language program, fostering social cohesion, enhancing language skills, and instilling self-confidence among participants from diverse refugee and host communities. By empowering individuals through language, RET is breaking down barriers and creating a brighter future of harmonious coexistence.